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Gangetic Dolphin Masterclass Photography Expedition

Biswarup Sengupta


May 04 - 07,2024, Jun 22 - 25,2024, Jul 12 - 15,2024, Aug 09- 12,2024





No of Seat Available

The Ganges river dolphin (Platanista gangetica) is a species of toothed whale classified in the family Platanistidae. It lives in the Ganges and related rivers of South Asia, namely in the countries of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. It is related to the much smaller Indus river dolphin which lives in the Indus River in Pakistan and the Beas River of northwestern India. The species has multiple common names throughout its range. It is known as susu as a popular name; soons, soans, or soos in Hindi; shushuk in Bengali; hiho or hihu in Assamese; bhagirath(as a reference to the character of the same name from Hindu mythology); and shus or suongsu in Nepali. Its Sanskrit name in medieval times was likely shishumar, and during the Mughal era, it was known as pani suar. The Ganges river dolphins usually swim alone or in pairs and are not known to do acrobatic maneuvers near boats. Little is known about their behavior because they are usually shy around boats and are hard to observe.

Our skipper and photography mentor for this trip have almost 5 years of experience of photographing various rare species in this park. Join with us to have a magical experience in one of the most beautiful National Parks in India and also in the World.
Our mentor would guide you throughout the safari to understand the various techniques and methods of photographing wildlife, different animal behaviors’ and the correct way of approaching them to get better perspective images, and the ethics of Wildlife Photography.

Gangetic dolphin is the primary species to photograph in our specially designed tour.

Other possible species may include Smooth coated otter, Sand martin, Red munia, Indian paradise flycatcher, Mugger crocodile, Osprey, Russell’s viper, Spectacled and Monocled cobra, Vine
snake and ornate flying snake

Day1: Reach to Dainhat Railway station on early morning. From there we will reach our eco resort via hired car. Post lunch we will start our first boat safari and will spend the whole time to photograph dolphins. Post safari we will return our resort and will have some snacks. After that we will start our night trails for jungle cat, Indian Jackal and different species of Owls. Post safari return to our resort and we will have a short discussion on Biodiversity of Gangetic West Bengal. Dinner and lights off.
Day2&3: Good morning tea will be served, and we will start for our full day boat safari to track the endemic diverse wildlife by our specialist guide and our mentor will help you capture the best moments. Post safari will return to resort for Breakfast and lunch. Post lunch we will have another boat safari till evening. On returning we will have a discussion on the pics we clicked during our tour. That’s all for that day.
Day4: After breakfast we will leave our homestay and will head back to Dainhat Railway station with sweet memories and scenic photographs.

Please book your train keeping in mind the trip start time on Day 1 and end time on Day 4 In case you have to stay an extra day at Dainhat/Katwa before or after the trip, the hotel booking has to be made by you.

Telephoto lenses preferably above 400mm along with zoom lens like 70-200 or 55-200mm
Extra camera batteries and memory cards
Binoculars if possible
Bean bags for extra stability of large lenses on the gypsy
Big towel/cloth to protect your camera gear from dust
Big scarf/cloth to protect your face from dust

Warm jackets for chilly morning hours

Sunscreen lotions
Basic first aid
Forest-friendly clothing and Gum boots (Must need)

Rs 18,500 per participants inclusive of all taxes. 25% of the amount needs to be paid as booking
fee (non-refundable). Balance 75% to be paid 30 days prior to departure date.

Accommodation for 3N 4D days in camp/resort at Nayachar
All food (Day 1 lunch – Day 4 Breakfast) for 3 days
All transfers to and from Dainhat Railway Station.
All safaris in boat (max 6)
Guide charges
Camera charges wherever applicable.

Travel cost from your home location till Dainhat and back.
Personal expenses such as laundry, water bottles, cold drinks etc.
Any extra meals
Tips to guides/drivers.
Any item not mentioned in the inclusions.

All cancellation requests must be sent through email to info@thecanopyvoyagers.com. The refund policy mentioned below will be applicable to amount outside of the 25% booking amount.

All cancellations before 30 days from departure date: 100% refund

All cancellations between 25 – 30 days from departure date: 75% refund

All cancellations between 20 – 25 days from departure date: 50% refund

All cancellations within 20 days from departure date: No refund can be made. We are sorry!

No refund will be granted for portion/portions of the journey not performed by the traveler.

No refund will be granted in case of non-performance of journey due to external and natural events.