About CV

We, Canopy Voyagers, are the first of its kind whose primary moto is wildlife conservation. We strongly believe that everyone can contribute to wildlife conservation with their own camera lens. If you have passion for Wildlife conservation, and dream of becoming an expert wildlife photographer with hands-on experience under the guidance of professional expertise, you are at the right place at. At Canopy Voyagers, we just don’t teach on a blackboard, we help the aspirants to learn to decipher the language of wildlife through cameras.

Our Values



We strive to be and remain the country’s one of the best provider of photography and conservation oriented services.



We aim, uncompromisingly and constantly, to nurture the trustworthiness our brand is a synonym for.



Protecting wild species and their habitats in order to maintain healthy wildlife species, is our prime target


Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate reason Canopy Voyagers exists is to be a support to our customers to reach the summit.

The CVians

Biswarup Sengupta

Owner and Photography mentor

Biswarup is a skilled Wildlife Photographer and wildlife enthusiastic.He is a certified Herpetologist from B.N.H.S Mumbai and a IT Engineer in profession. He has travelled the jungles of all over India to learn and photograph different endangered species. He is a specialist in Mammal photography. Some of his photographs are also selected for various magazines. Currently he is an active member of a renowned NGO and involved in wildlife conservation .

Avijit Chakraborty

Co-owner and Wildlife conservationist

Avijit is a reptile expert, a Wildlife Photographer and Wildlife conservationist. He has explored the highly biodiverse jungles over the North-east India and South India to photograph different endangered herp species. He is a specialist in macro photography. Apart from being a Wildlife photographer, he is working as a wildlife conservationist in his locality by rescuing , rehabilitating , relocating the wild animals to their natural habitat and helping the locals to understand the Human-animal conflicts to conserve the wildlife.