Hey Guys !! It's Festive months !!! Get ready for the specially designed advance Mammals Photography tour with a Canopy Voyagers expert

Oath of a CVian

Canopy Voyagers has been organizing exclusive wildlife photography tours as a part of wildlife conservation. The tours, we undertake have been always exclusive and premium level. All enthusiastic wildlife photographers are hereby requested to take their gadgets and join with us to explore the most biodiverse forests of India. Throughout the expedition we will offer some advance guiding on photography as well as the tips on wildlife conservation. We can proudly say "Photography is our passion, however conservation is our ultimate destination".

We take the responsibility to make everything easy and safe for our fellow photographers to be in the right place at the right time to encounter an unparalleled wildlife adventure. Those, who are joining the unique wildlife photography tours gets an excellent opportunity for developing their technical skills through the basic workshops we hold on-field. These workshops are suitable for the basic to advanced levels covering the photographic techniques as well as skills much relevant to the wildlife and the particular habitat.